Posted by: facetothewind | December 2, 2003

By My Parents' Pool

My Parents’ Pool

I see them by the pool
Four women today
catching the sun
Bleach-blond if not gray
Their turkey-skin stretched over their bones so tight
What will it be? Pork loin or chicken and a movie tonight?

They talk about shopping and who broke the gate?
The rude bicyclists on the berm don’t ya just hate?
The grandkids, the alligator, the golf course so green
Sedona, Scottsdale and other dull places they’ve been.

Blah blah blah weather
Blah blah blah shopping
Blah blah blah nothing
Blah nothing
Blah nothing at all

I sink under the water to soak up the quiet
I think about hairy men and a soccer game riot
I think about fucking
I think about sucking
Blah fucking
Blah sucking
Blah nothing at all.



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