Posted by: facetothewind | February 5, 2004

On the Last Day

On the last day
I’d eat grasshopper pie with graham cracker crust
I’d munch on mangos and smell passion fruit
I’d smile a lot and I’d cry really easily
I’d bring Sky back from the dead to play the piano for me.
I’d listen to Joni Mitchell play 6 chords
I’d sing with Ukrainians, and I’d finally learn how to salsa dance

I’d fly like a bird over rainforests and blue waves in the Pacific
I’d swim with a whale; I’d play with a dolphin
I’d wander through golden fields of wheat
I’d sail on a schooner; I’d fly in a balloon
I’d walk down a red road at sunset
I’d swing on a vine, and I’d splash in a tropical pool by moonlight
I wouldn’t wear clothes and I wouldn’t be cold
I wouldn’t get hungry and I wouldn’t get poison oak
I’d nap myself silly and I’d play with my pillow in public
I’d bite my nails, I’d waste water, and I’d flush twice
I’d smash my computer and tell off the bank
Insurance companies go to hell – we don’t need you now!
I’d key a Hummer and I’d slap George Bush
And then I’d forgive them all, blowing them all into a little
Blue bubble and set them free.
I’d give up shame and worry
I’d dispense with guilt and obligation
I’d be fearless and brilliant and ruthlessly truthful.
I wouldn’t return calls.
Spammers would die
White trash would behave, no arguing in the street.
People would listen, no nervous fidgeting, posturing or manipulating for greed.
In fact, no one would speak
Cars would stop running, everyone would go home early
I wouldn’t be careful or thrifty or polite

I’d give up lent for lent
I’d have sex with a green-eyed Cuban with black curly hair,
and an Israeli soldier and a Palestinian too.
I’d kiss Jasper one last time – oh the feel of his tongue in my mouth.
I’d apologize to Patrick for all the times I doubted his love.
I’d call my mother and thank her for loving me.
I’d trust in the goodness of humanity
I’d believe in beauty one last time.
And then on the last day, I’d go, with open arms
Without a fight for the very first time



  1. David, today I finally got to peruse your website. I love your photos because they give me the same sense of awe and immediate altered-state peace that actually being in nature gives me. Your poetry is a huge window for me on gay life, male life, life-life. Your journey and paradoxically sweet and cynical view is delicious.
    Thanks for sharing it all…
    love january

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