Posted by: facetothewind | February 7, 2004

Mother Moments

To: Richard Szubin
Subject: Mother moments

I thought I’d share a little motherly moment. Sometimes I think my ma is incredibly cute.

Today she got on her Scwhinn Air-Dyne exercise bicycle from the 70s in the spare bedroom. She gets on it and works out fairly religiously. She wears old RadioShack headphones that are attached to a tape deck from the 70s in record mode that is in turn attached to an old microphone that is dangled over the top of a television set to rest next to the speaker on the side. The tv is tuned to some old movie. And the speaker’s sound is amplified through all the jury-rigging to her headphones which only produce sound on the left side.

She takes her panties and pulls them up and over her t-shirt and tucks the remote control for the tv into the elastic band. She dons her black tennis shoes and socks and starts pedaling. She methodically works each leg, straining and leaning into each thrust of the leg.

It brought tears to my eyes to see how sweet and vulnerable she is in that moment – little head, big headphones, all the jury rigging and the old B&W movie on the small tv tube. A wrinkly, old woman finding a moment of dedication at the end of her life spent raising children.

Now when she reaches out, her hands come back empty. It’s my mother’s high-rise life in a building plunked down between a golf course and loneliness. Her life is the ordinary life of many who have come to their final destinations here by the sea, on the Florida coast.

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