Posted by: facetothewind | August 27, 2004


August 27, 2004
Marblemount, WA

Breitenbush Kisses

What does a kiss deliver?

A warm, soft pause
From the cold and the sharp

Or is it the surrender?
Of me or him?
A wild beast
Could bite me
But now it opens its jaws to me for pleasure

Or is it the permission?
He is a man
He could kill me, you know
But he doesn’t
He lets me in to taste his vulnerability

Or is it that I’m sucking on his smile?
Hoping to take from him
What I cannot find myself.

Or is it belief?
You – ME?
You’re kissing ME?
I don’t believe it.
You’re too cute for me.
When did I come to believe that?
I don’t get to kiss boys like you
Or boys at all for that matter

I’m sorry, I have to go to my room
And play my Chopin
And check my coin collection
And clean my camera
And write my thoughts of your lips in a book
Shoved beneath my mattress

After dark, I pull it out and read
And dream of those kisses
When your lips will meet mine
And our wet tongues touch
And my roof opens up

And there you are floating above me
Lips soft and open
Warm and Smiling
Giving me the permission
You surrender
I suck on your smile
You ARE with me.
And finally I believe.


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