Posted by: facetothewind | February 16, 2006

The Waiting

The Waiting
Feb.16, 2006
Puna, Hawaii

Startled out of sleep by the voices
The blither, the blather, the endless chatter
I promise myself that tomorrow I will sleep in
Because tomorrow it will come
For sure

Walking at sunrise with the dog
I watch the moon disappear and
I’m certain that
If the wind would stop already, it would be just perfect
And if it gets here, then I can enjoy this more
And so I rush home – to check and see if it has arrived

Could arrive next week
When I’m finished with the siding on the house
Or when the boys from nude yoga are here
Or when I’m back in Tucson
With my piano and my precious granite counter tops
And cool hard floors and hand-knotted rugs
And big screen TV

Hmm. It has not arrived.

OK, well, how about a nap?
I switch on the air filter
The white noise smudges out the sharp edges
I squeeze in my dirty orange earplugs
And adjust the pillows
Turn off the phone
Open the window
Close the window
Cover my face
Uncover my face
Lie on my side
Clutch my pillow
Let go the pillow
It’s too warm

Opening an eye, I scan the room for it
Trapezoids of light cross my floor
Then climb the walls
Monkey Pod watches me from his green blanket
Later it will be here, I’m certain
Maybe after I get my accounting in order

Maybe I should eat
I have that delicious red curry I made last night
I watch the fan twirling in my spoon
I should have toasted the nuts
Suddenly I remember my date tonight
YES, my date will bring it for sure.

He announces his arrival with his old truck dragging the muffler
I run to greet him and throw my arms around him in the street
Our mouths meet after he looks both ways to see who’s watching
I don’t care because he has what I want.
His wet lips touch mine
The texture of his tongue wraps around mine
Warm breath from his flared nostrils grazes my upper lip
He invites me inside to find his soft, slippery, warm center
We lie rocking next to each other brown and pink
Waiting for the arrival.

Paupers lie with princes
Clouds twist overhead
My roof opens up to welcome it
And finally it is here
I fill him with the proof
He holds me on top of him with his big paws and
There is no pain
All that was bitter is now sweet
All that was hard is now soft
All that was dark is now bathing in blinding light

And dammit, I forgot my sunglasses.


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