Posted by: facetothewind | October 9, 2006

Sony Cybershot P100 Problems – don't buy SONY

I don’t normally do this sort of thing – but I want this to be a public castigation of SONY corporation for making a crappy camera and then not supporting it. I bought this 5.1 megapixels camera at Best Buys in 2004 and it has been to the shop now 3 times for the same issue: large fuzzy black spots that appear on the images. I contacted SONY and got the usual corporate runaround (call this number which leads me right back where I started). They have no interest in righting this and told me to deal with Best Buys, where I bought it.

Best Buys, on the other hand is very efficient and has been handling the repairs timely. I’m going to hit them up for a replacement and upgrade rather than another repair. I highly recommend buying their extended warranty on delicate electronic devices like this.

All this to say, I don’t recommend SONY’s cameras.


This from Reuters

Sony finds defect in Cyber-shot digicams

By Reuters
Published: November 24, 2006, 9:58 AM PST

Sony’s Cyber-shot compact digital cameras might not work in warm and humid areas, the company said Friday, adding that it would repair any affected cameras free of charge.

The liquid crystal displays in eight models that went on sale from September 2003 to January 2005 may not show images correctly, or the cameras may not be able to take photos at all, Sony said in a statement.

Of more than 1 million models sold, Sony expects 4,000 could need repairs, the company said. Sony found similar defects in other digital and video cameras in October of last year, when it discovered condensation could seep into the gadgets and damage the charge-coupled device, a chip used to capture images.

The problem, which Sony does not expect to affect its earnings, comes after the electronics maker swung to a quarterly loss due to the cost of recalling millions of computer batteries.


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