Posted by: facetothewind | January 9, 2007

Why I gave up my health insurance.

For those of you who wonder why I dropped my health insurance at 42, it is now becoming a little clearer. See New York Times article about California’s proposed medical coverage for everyone. I may have to consider a return to the mothership.

“The proposal would prohibit insurance companies from denying coverage to people because of their age or health status. They would also be required to put 85 percent of their profits directly into health care services.”

Not only is health insurance a waste of my money, but I have also been denied health coverage by Blue Cross because I had a couple garden variety ailments like plantar’s warts on my feet removed. Simply put, this is egregious and unconscionable and may the health insurance companies have their day in court. (FYI – they even charge people to apply and then deny them – AND keep the application fee!) Outrageous. I did find coverage with a Swiss company, but it was sold to a US company and my rates doubled in 4 years with more and more exclusions added each year.

So I became one of America’s many uninsured a year ago. Ironically, now I have enough money to go to the doctor and don’t live in fear of having another exclusion added to my policy.

I have contributed to their downfall in some small way. I am glad to be part of the uninsured and who have stressed the system to the point of failure. It is vindicating now to know that this has begun to nudge the system in the right direction: affordable health coverage for all.

In addition, I am also contributing to medical tourism by getting procedures done in Thailand. Don’t think American health care providers haven’t noticed that their money has gone on a nice little Thai vacation. Including airfare and hotel, it is still cheaper to go overseas for medical work.

I leave Saturday for Bangkok. You’ll be hearing from me there.

– David


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