Posted by: facetothewind | March 24, 2007

Golden Rule Health Insurance – Bait and Switch

Recently I applied for personal health insurance coverage with a company named Golden Rule. I was quoted the “preferred rate” over the phone of $72/month with a $5,000 deductible.

FIRST: I filled out a lengthy form on line that asked me about medical history back 10 years and then had to endure a lengthy phone interview that asked me many of the same questions. One of the additional questions asked was, “do you anticipate needing to see a doctor in the next 6 months.” I told them that was a ridiculous question to ask of anyone. How should I know and why should they care? I have a $5k deductible and they’re in the business of insuring people. It was an intimidation technique to either rout out information that I may have been previously withholding or to keep me from going to the doctor for fear of being dropped.

SECOND: They drafted from my checking account a fee for the first month’s insurance premium BEFORE they ever even approved me. This is not right. They should not charge until it is approved.

THIRD: They drafted an amount I did not approve. They raised my rate from the quoted $72 to $79 because I am under the weight category! I am too thin to be considered healthy. I am 5’10” 140# and in excellent health. That is why they raised my rate.

Is that unbelievable?

FOURTH: I discovered that when I called the people who sold me the policy that they could not talk to me and explain the bait and switch. SO I asked to speak to a supervisor about the rate promised and the rate hike that I got – which was never even mentioned until I saw my account statement. The supervisors were always “out of the office” or “in a meeting.” I left 2 messages and no one ever called me back.

SO: I set out on the web and found many, many lawsuits and complaints against Golden Rule for bad business practices, unfair claim denials AND their huge contributions to the Republican party.

ONWARD: I cancelled my policy after 5 days and was returned all my money promptly.

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