Posted by: facetothewind | April 11, 2007

My Lover

My Lover

My lover cannot hide his vulnerability
He blinks too much and stares at the ground
He twists around poles and wrings his small hands
And makes a false laugh

My lover only cries when it rains
He drives to a parking lot where no one will see
Across from Taco Bell and next to the carpet store
He sits with the car window open
Face wet by the storm

My lover dreams at night
Of attackers and snakes and morphing demons
Fitful and tortured he lies gasping
and untouchable next to me

My lover has no money
He wears a suit from Goodwill
The pants and sleeves are too long
I try not to cry when I see him
I usually fail

My lover used to care for me
He made me a wine rack once
And brought me a lemon cake for my birthday
I stopped drinking wine and I hate lemon cake

My lover stopped loving people
Then he stopped loving me
He loves only plants now
Strong coffee and cookies
And orchids of blue


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