Posted by: facetothewind | September 20, 2007

Feel the Green


A picture of Sweets in San Francisco outside the West Coast Green Building Expo where they built an eco-friendly house that sells for $200 a square foot right in the middle of the park that serves as a bedroom to countless hundreds of homeless people. Ah, San Francisco. The divide between rich and poor is startling, and no less so at the West Coast Green Expo.


The Green movement has now been seized by marketeers who approach green living from a consumer standpoint – doing the right thing because it’s hip and cool and trendy. “Live the Green. Feel the Green.” And now you can get all the guilt-free gadgets and adornments for your pre-fab eco house. What happened to just living simply? I know, I know, I built a house in Hawaii. And I have lived to regret it.


Patrick pictured on the ultimate in green furniture…a living sofa at the PG&E booth. “Honey, don’t forget to mow the sofa before you go to Ikea.”

I was glad to find out that my “carbon footprint” is 1/4 of the average American, but still twice the average world citizen. And that’s without a car and with a solar-powered house. It’s the flying that’s the killer of the environment. And so I’m taking the train back to the desert. Trains are the most efficient mass transportation available. Toot toot.


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