Posted by: facetothewind | October 25, 2007

Shoes should always match your gown…


I’m calling her “Mrs. A.” She’s not really a she. She’s an it. And the it that it is is a mean and nasty staph infection that I seemed to have picked up somewhere. Trouble is I don’t know where I got it. It’s not like I’m some whore who doesn’t know who the baby is – I wish! Somehow I got a staph infection staying home.

I call it Mrs. A after the superbug MRSA that is resistant to antibiotics. Like mine. I endured a horribly painful injection of antibiotics and left the urgent care facility limping all the way to my dear friend Ida’s car. The antibiotics have done nothing. Each day Mrs. A has gotten bigger and bigger. I have not been able to sit down and soon I won’t even need to, I’ll just be able to lean over onto my big puss-filled ass and it will hold me up.

So today I had Mrs. A lanced, irrigated and dressed. The lancing went well and my friendly PA, Dave was wonderfully gentle and helpful. I had only hoped he’d give me a little “inappropriate” feel. The blood stains go nicely with my shoes, don’t you think? I felt like Carrie.

Otherwise, life in Tucson is well, honestly…a little lonely. It’s still warm. Almost 90. Almost November. Love it, but I have so few playmates, I’m starting to feel like Edward Scissorhands. Me and my big ass boil all by myself in my too big house. Come visit. Come meet Mrs. A. She’ll fix ya a nice cocktail and make up the guest bed for ya.




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