Posted by: facetothewind | November 4, 2007

Happy to be alive on the Day of the Dead


Some good news at last from me…my infection is healed, my butt boob deflated, and my hearing has come back!!! I’m overjoyed! It took 5 days of ear ringing hell and then today, almost as suddenly as the ringing came, it went. It’s not entirely gone, but at least I can play piano once again and sing. Bactrim was the culprit – a strong antibiotic with tinnitus as one of its pernicious side effects. A note to musicians: don’t do Bactrim if you have the choice.

What better way to celebrate being alive and well than the Day of the Dead parade? I went to Tucson’s All Souls Procession in my dead sailor’s suit with a big “W” on my forehead for Wasted. George Wasted Bush. It was great to be out tonight feeling good enough to be bad once again…and not having my ear throb and crackle like a broken microphone. I have a new contract with myself to pursue music to the fullest, and I intend to start back up writing my next book this week. And I promise I’ll never complain about anything ever again.

Thank you Ida, Pat, Pretzel, Jane and friends and family for your good wishes and your advice, help, and runs to the doctor’s office these past two weeks.

Click here to see my little video clip of the Day of the Dead procession tonight.



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