Posted by: facetothewind | November 15, 2007

Lifewise Arizona 2 rate increases in one year

I acquired LifeWise Arizona – for my health insurance in March of this year. Two weeks after I was in the plan, I was told that there was a rate increase. I complained that no one told me this would occur the moment I was enrolled. “We’re sorry Mr. Gilmore, there won’t be another rate increase for a year.”

Today I got a letter stating that my rate had increased AGAIN as of January, 2008, only 9 months from the date of the last increase. “We’re sorry Mr. Gilmore, we moved the date of our annual rate increase from April to January.”

It is outrageously bad business practices to not tell a new customer that they are about to get a rate hike and then promise them that there won’t be another one for a year and then 9 months later, raise their rates again. Shame on Lifewise.



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