Posted by: facetothewind | March 21, 2008

An early powder puff


To avoid another bout of staph-infected ingrown hair on my ass, I have taken to powdering it before biking long distances. Looking for some talcum, I dug through my stores of junk and found a relic from my childhood.

When I was 13, while other boys my age were trying chewing tobacco for the first time, I was making my own powder puffs. I was the local makeup artist and would order theater makeup from Stein’s in New York and paint the neighbor kids’ faces like clowns, witches and monsters. I still have many of the jars of powder and tubes of grease paint.

Anyway, I opened one jar of powder from that period and found a powder puff I had cut down from a larger size so that it would fit in a small jar. I had sliced it open, taken out the foam, cut it down and then put it back in and sutured it shut.

And then I stitched the first public declaration of my narcissism onto it.


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