Posted by: facetothewind | March 25, 2008

Namoli gets her first taste of truck balls


Last night was a gorgeous warm March evening and Namoli and I sat with some friends at the Tucson Dairy Queen watching the “floor show” of young Hispanic couples on dates, hobos and drunks and the ambulatory obese. I ate my rice syrup sweetened Cliff Bar and she had The Blizzard. She was shocked to see a truck had pulled into the drive-in line with a scrotum hanging from its trailer hitch. She had never seen such vehicular accoutrement as truck nuts. “What?? You mean you can buy those things in the store?” She was incredulous.

Then another truck pulled up behind her bearing another pair of pendulous truck balls. “Pssst, Namoli – there’s another one,” I said. We both agreed that the world was devolving into a very base state fast. I wondered if I could find a pair for my bike.

On another note…Namoli is one of the most gifted musicians I’ve ever known. She is a Tucson-based singer songwriter with a fiery heart and an often melancholy lilt. I’ve had the great joy of listening to her at the piano when she wades through lush chords and dreamy vocals. I’m delighted that we’ve become friends.

If you’re interested in her music, you can click here or order songs at iTunes.




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