Posted by: facetothewind | March 30, 2008

The desert in bloom


The Sonoran desert of Tucson is exploding with flowers this spring. April is the big cactus bloom month when all those prickly plants from outerspace unfurl their waxy petals in the most insane colors. I’ll be shooting a film capturing this in April. And, like the NBC peacock, it will be brought to you in living color…


Click the peacock above to see the animated NBC logo you might remember from the 1960’s. Brings back memories, huh? I remember sitting in my pajamas, fresh out of the shower with my hair still wet, eating a piece of marble bunt cake my mother made, awaiting what would follow the peacock logo. Ah, back when we only had 3 channels of crap. Now we have innumberable channels of crap.

Until the cactus have bloomed, enjoy another black and white of the cactus…




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