Posted by: facetothewind | May 9, 2008

Gasoline projected to hit $7 a gallon. Why am I smiling?

Here’s a photo of me at Bicas after fixing my bike. Bicas is Tucson’s underground bicycle workshop that resembles Pee Wee Herman’s Playhouse. For $4/hr you can go in and overhaul your bike with expert advice and all the tools you need. The folks are gorgeous, friendly and you even get to see some seriously fine plumber’s crack.

New York Times article on May 7, 2008: Goldman Sachs predicts oil to be $150-200/barrel in 2 years. Gas prices projected to be $7/gallon in the next few years. I mentioned this to a friend this morning and the smile on his face just disappeared. “What are we going to do?” he asked.

“We’re going to do what the rest of the world has been doing for decades. Scale down.”

“What do you mean? I mean you’re going to have to re-design your life or pay.”

Some things you can do: Move downtown or closer to work. Walk or bike to work. Shop locally. Carpool. Take the bus, the train, the trolley. Plan your outings. Go solar. Go biodiesel. Go electric. Do with less. Get to know your neighbors and stay home and make your own entertainment.

When I first got rid of my car I admit I was a bit fearful and feeling like a loser. I was sure that the hardship was going to be a drag. On the contrary, cycling has been a joyous experience for me. I arrive happy and high on endorphins. I get to enjoy the scenery, the flowers, the birds, the blue sky or the moonlight. I don’t see cars (I take back streets), I don’t sit in traffic. The higher the gas prices, the more I smile. I quit my gym and never spend time on an exercise bike or treadmill bored out of my gourd. If I’m going to pedal something, I’m going to go places. I don’t worry about that weird noise under my hood or being hornswaggled by mechanics. No more car insurance, car payments, and most importantly, I never, ever have to go to the Department of Motor Vehicles again!!

Ask me to take you on a bike adventure. I’ll pump up your tires for you and lube your chain (ooh baby!). I’ll adjust your brakes and gears. I’ll take you around and show you the joy of the most efficient means of transportation. And you’ll be talking about your fabulous biking adventure and bragging about your newly-firm cycle butt while everyone else is complaining about the high price of gas.



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