Posted by: facetothewind | June 3, 2008

Happy Rails?

Norbert and I hit the rails after a protracted farewell in Tucson. We almost had to use the jaws of life to get Brad and Norbert to separate. It was kind of touching to see the bond they have. Norbert is being very brave and tender at the same time. His heart seems to be smarting from the change and the 2 days of train from Tucson to San Francisco seemed to draw out his melancholy over the miles.

We took the “Chicken Bone Express” – the coach train from Tucson to Los Angeles. It was like a mental hospital on wheels. A shizonphrenic woman was next to Norbert and then suddenly bolted. Never saw her again.

In Los Angeles we switched to first class on the Coast Starlight which was pretty fabulous. They greet you with fresh fruit, champagne and sparkling cider and show you to your room which has 2 cute bunkbeds and a big picture window. The scenery on the Starlight is extraordinary…golden range grass and ocean. We saw dolphins, seals, surfers and egrets.

Now we’re in San Francisco where it’s summer – freezing cold! I’m wearing several layers of sweaters, a wool hat and scarf. We head up to Portland on Saturday night.

More from the tracks later on.



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