Posted by: facetothewind | June 11, 2008

Finding my voice

It’s odd to spend your whole life developing the nascent skills you have only to find out that something you were born with is so rare and needed.

On a cold and rainy Tuesday night in Portland, men gather in the basement of a neighborhood church to sing barbershop. I joined the Bridge Town Sounds this week for a rehearsal. My friend Paul (pictured above conducting) invited me to step onto the risers and sing along. After months of singing Haydn in Latin with the UofA choir, I was fairly well-prepared for this.

The harmonies are tight and wonderful.

Afterward we went to a local pub and sang for 2 more hours over onion rings and beer. I felt like I got welcomed into a new brotherhood. These guys were great – very supportive and encouraging of me. Apparently I have a deeper bass voice than anyone in the choir!

How fabulous at my age, to finally find my voice.



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