Posted by: facetothewind | July 2, 2008

The Candy Barge or How I learned to snarf cupcakes

In a tranquil if not somber moment, no…it was a pensive moment sitting by the Columbia River last weekend, Twinkles and I watched a cargo barge float by, being pushed by tugboat. It was unclear what the contents of the covered barge was.

I asked Twinkles, “What do you think is in the barge? Grain, gravel? Dirt, maybe?”

“Candy,” he replied without a hint of irony.

This is what you get when you travel with kids…the god damn Candy Barge. How could I possibly have thought of something so frankly boring as grain or gravel?

Now, in spite of our host Cupcake’s namesake (who, it should be noted, does not eat wheat, dairy, or sugar), Twinkles craves nothing in life more than cupcakes. Nothing. Fortunately in Portland there is a store called Saint Cupcake.

And so, from the valley of the gumdrops, here’s a short instructional video from Twinkles on how to eat a cupcake from Saint Cupcake. In one gulp…



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