Posted by: facetothewind | July 21, 2008

Why do gay boys love straight boys?

S T R A I G H T B O Y S:

Twinkles and I were at the Portland Amtrak station and chatted with three slightly scruffy, yet well-scrubbed, pink-cheeked straight boys from Caspar, Wyoming. We watched them in line at the Amtrak counter for a while trying to figure out if they were gay. It became clear they weren’t. How did we know? Because they were so uninhibited and un-self-conscious. They were probably the most fun, interesting young men I’ve met all summer. They even invited us to join them for dinner…which we did.

I’m old enough not to become romantically enamored with straight boys. But, really they are much quicker than gay boys to offer up what I want from men: charm, unabashed expression, and a carefree willingness to be adventurous.

Born the undeserving masters of the species, they are white, straight and male. The world is their oyster and so they climb poles and take risks while we gay boys safely calculate risks from the sidelines. We maximize our opportunities for sex, check the mirror to see if we look strong enough in our muscle-tees and we cower around alpha males. A lot of damage occurs to our fragile boyhod egos when we’re picked last in sports or called sissies. (Ironically, any bottom can tell you, being gay is not for sissies.)

Above is a picture of Rusty (whom I thought should be nicknamed Tigger) – the alpha – the peacock of the group who had climbed 6 feet up the pole from the time I asked him to climb it to the time I got my camera trained on him. Below is a picture of Twinkles with 2 gay guys in the Castro looking almost grotesque with their shaved bodies, plucked eyebrows, eye liner and their expressions. And look at their contorted bodies – it’s a train wreck of avoidance.

G A Y B O Y S:


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