Posted by: facetothewind | July 26, 2008

Meet the twins

You’ve seen them before – Vivian & Marian Brown – San Francisco’s most beloved icons. The 81 year olds decked out in leopard everything were once voted Most Identical at a twins convention. They live essentially joined at the hip in Nob Hill and have only ever been apart 3 weeks their entire lives.

Nearly midnight on our way home, Norbert spotted them and said, “Check out those women.” I shrieked, “It’s the Twins Vivian and Marian. We have to go say hello.” We ran after them and I pulled out my camera and said, “Aren’t you Vivian and Marian? Could we get our picture with you?” They lit up as if they had never been asked this before. They gladly consented to being photographed and we chatted with them on the street. They sort of launched into a brief history of their lives complete with advice on why one shouldn’t marry. Sorry for the bad quality – I sneaked the film without telling them. I know I’m a bad person for sneaking a film in of two dear octogenarians but hey – I’m just an adoring fan and I couldn’t help myself…



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