Posted by: facetothewind | August 17, 2008

The bounties of the Arizona summer

Tucson’s summer goes on and on and on like some guy at a bus stop. But, I’m not complaining, really. I’ve been away most of the summer. I have not been here for an August in 6 years, and honestly, I kinda like it.

The mornings are soft and easy. The bees buzz around the small purple flowers of the Texas rangers. The mountains are green as the trees are all leafed-out. I spend hours each day in the pool – at dawn and in the evening with my beer. I nap behind sealed blinds in the afternoons with the air conditioner and the fan doing overtime — the white noise puts me right down. At dusk, the monsoons rumble in black and blue bruised clouds, dragging their droopy brushes of rain across the valley. The rivers run like normal rivers and for a moment you forget you’re in the desert.

But all this natural beauty can drive a tortoise away…

Night biking is the best! It’s as if the air isn’t even there. Not cold. Not hot. It’s like the unclimate. I ride downtown each evening on my bike to Epic Café for the 54 cent seltzer water with ice and lemon slices. Icy drinks in summer are like good sex. In fact, it’s too hot for sex. I’d much rather have a seltzer with ice. (The heat has gotten to me!) Then on the way home, I sit at the empty UofA campus and look at the cotton ball moon and dream of being in Paris. (Click to enlarge)…

Hey, who needs a swimming pool when you have your dad’s truck and a hose?

OH! OOPS! I forgot to upload this photo from the train trip home. This was in the Emeryville Amtrak station. The little lady in pink is not sitting or kneeling. She was a volunteer — a woman who loves trains (what IS it with trains??) — who would help answer questions for travelers. She was paired up with a colossal guy. The two made quite a stature-divergent duo.



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