Posted by: facetothewind | January 3, 2009

Kiss me in Cambodia

Yo and are in Cambodia now where they say “kiss me” instead of excuse me.

Yesterday, at the end of our very dusty overland crossing from Thailand, we had told our car driver we were staying at the “Golden Banana” (yes, it’s the name of the gay guest house in Siem Reap) and figured that was an open admission of our being gay. SO our driver steps out of the car to tell the tuk tuk transfer where we were going. The tuk tuk driver sticks his head in the car and says, “Kiss me…you go to Golden Banana.” I really thought he meant we were supposed to kiss him.

And what would a visit to Cambodia be without a visit to Dr. Fish to remove your horny substance…

So far we’re having a great time. It’s wonderful to be a tourist with Yo in a place where we’re equal status as he’s Thai and doesn’t speak Cambodian. Tomorrow we will be going to Angkor Wat!



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