Posted by: facetothewind | May 26, 2009

Washington DC: a Carnival in Marble


One word of advice to anyone visiting DC: NEVER book a trip there on Memorial Day. Memorial Day in DC means Rolling Thunder weekend – a base display of America’s loudest, widest, and brashest…crawling all over the monuments and fouling the air with noise and fumes. It left me embarrassed to be American. I don’t understand how I couldn’t bring an empty water bottle into the capitol but Harley riders can park on the lawn and pummel your ears with their tail pipes? If we are the nation of regulations, could we PLEASE have some regulation regarding motorcycle noise?

We rented a tandem bike ($60/day – OUCH!) and rode our Hardly Davidson around to tour the trodden sites. OK, can someone tell me why I can rent a car for $17/day and a bike for $60?


See the video of our Hardly Davidson weekend:

Some observations of DC: I find the hypocrisy of Washington intolerable. Jefferson declaring that all men are created equal knowing that he was a slave owner, the nonsense of being a free country as announced to me by the security guard when I was refused entry at the capitol with my steel bottle, “Well, that’s the great thing about America – it’s a free country and you can just choose to turn right around and leave.” Whenever someone says, “It’s a free country,” you know that some sort of bullshit statement will follow.


Why are cars allowed in Arlington but not bicycles??



Lunch with the fabulous Lisa Simeone from NPR:



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