Posted by: facetothewind | June 26, 2009

The Essence of Portland

Took a road trip to Mt. Hood today and passed some of Oregon’s quirky towns. Sebastian doing his Boring pole dance:

Boring OR


Back to Andrew Adams’ house through his eerie hallway. You know I love a good eerie hallway – it’s so Stanley Kubrick. P1090190

Andrew has a strange and wonderful art collection. This is one of his own pieces he made from Barbi doll heads. He went to the Goodwill bins where it’s the last stop for junk before the landfill and ripped the heads off the dolls and bought them by the pound…
Andrew Adams

Portland. Green. Goofy. Weird. Soft. Sweet. My favorite American city. Too bad the weather sucks.

Mikey, Paul and Sebastian at the Last Thursday Alberta street fair…




Mt. Hood from Trillium Lake today…P1090183



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