Posted by: facetothewind | July 11, 2009

Have we gone too far?

Saw this booth at the Mississippi Street Fair in Portland today. I found it heartening to see that no one was stopping by the booth…OK, popsicles for your dog to keep your diabetic, lactose-intolerant dog hydrated and cool?


Have we gone too far? Hmmm. Let me think. YES we have! This truly is the end of the empire. What you don’t eat used to be what you’d throw to the dogs. Do we now have PABA-free sunscreen for dogs? I don’t even want to search for that on Google. Don’t even. No, don’t do it. OK, I couldn’t resist. I did and it EXISTS!!!

Here’s how to make ’em yourself should you be completely bored and deeply in need of a new sense of purpose…

And while I’m on it, how about hosting a Yappy Hour – a cocktail party for your dog? Click here to learn how! It includes instructions on how to host a Yappy Hour Wine tasting on the Dog Lovers Wine Club website and receive discounts on limited-production wines while supporting the dog charity of your choice.

yappy hour



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