Posted by: facetothewind | July 17, 2009

Portland's Japanese garden

Been on a “roll” here to shoot black and white…pardon the old film pun. I think as a rebellion against the easy, punchy color of digital photography where EVERYONE’S a photographer, I’m reverting back to the purity and simplicity of black and white.

Perhaps this is my own egocentric way to prove my photographic pedigree: I grew up with a camera in my hands and Dektol stains on my fingers from spending my entire childhood in the dark room developing pictures.

It was excellent training even if I probably will have brain cancer from inhaling those fumes for all those years.

Try shooting B&W sometime. Try it for a whole year! Don’t just convert your color photos to B&W: Shoot B&W from the start. Spend that year shooting only B&W.

You’ll be challenged to convey your vision in a novel and stark way, and yet you’ll be embracing the old masters. Pretend you’re on assignment for Life Magazine circa 1949. You’ll like the results and your skills will be enhanced.

Then after a year, add back in the color.



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