Posted by: facetothewind | July 30, 2009

Castrato with Vitiligo

I think Michael Jackson’s tortured life makes more sense when you consider a few things: He was severely beaten as a child which may have included kicks to his groin that could have caused him to become effectively castrated. He never grew up, had a high voice like a boy, seemed emasculated and was always acquitted of any child molestation charges. I think juries were probably shown pictures of him and opted to leave the poor guy alone. All he was probably capable of doing with children was cuddling with them like a eunuch in a harem. It’s widely known that he didn’t father his children and the castration would explain that. I think it’s more than likely that he was in fact castrated by child abuse.

His white skin, the one-glove thing – it was a product of his vitiligo. I have vitiligo on my chest and scalp and it does make my skin spotted and my hair white. He apparently was horrified to see that he was turning into a Holstein cow and so he used makeup and skin whitening to lighten up the dark spots. I can now understand why he was fascinated with the Elephant Man…he felt like a downtrodden, misunderstood “monster” himself.

Given my understanding of these things, I have a new compassion for the guy.



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