Posted by: facetothewind | September 7, 2009

The ravages of drought

Sebastian and I went on a hike to the Coronado National Forest yesterday, the canyon at the northeast corner of Tucson. The bugs were flying into our ears so we had to put our underwear on our heads.
seb and me

We observed that about 30-40% of the trees are dying or in severe distress from drought. This summer’s monsoon season was more of a NONsoon season. Sad.
dead trees

However, the cactus are doing fine. We watched the cumulus clouds building in the east. We heard thunder as we were leaving and so there was some faint hope of rain.


saguaro 2

When we got home, the skies opened up and delivered a much needed monsoon.

The barrel cacti were all in full brandywine splendor.
barrel cactus

All is right today.



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