Posted by: facetothewind | September 13, 2009

Witnessing the transformation

Although we had another modest monsoon over the weekend, the long-term effects of the drought and increasingly long summers are exacting their toll on the desert flora. This giant eucalyptus went down in zero wind, 2 pm in the afternoon Saturday in dry soil. It’s slightly unnerving to see these giants dying and falling…this one was quite alive, but its roots were just holding in sand and down she went. She was not a native and so I knew she was residing here on borrowed time. tree down
She set herself down so perfectly, like a whale beaching herself to die. It didn’t take out any other trees and didn’t even touch the house…a lovely final gesture from a friend I’ll miss, but who will keep us warm in the winter for years to come.
tree 2

From what I have seen of tree and cactus carnage over the summer, I believe we are witnessing the transformation of this sub-tropical thorn forest into a desert. In 10 years, Tucson will look like the lower Mojave desert. What can you do? Harvest your water. Use less. Convert your house to solar power. Keep it simple and learn how to make a nice tumbleweed soup.


Tucson, Arizona, USA, where every trailer gets a cactus and a palm tree.

trailer park

Aluminum-clad paradise on wheels.

Sometimes I’m not sure why I like this place. But I do.



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