Posted by: facetothewind | November 1, 2009

Remember it's November

I went hiking today in the desert – Finger Rock trail in Tucson. Gorgeous, gorgeous day. Endless sunshine this time of year. Dry, cool nights, days about 90!

context saguaro

Desert 1

Desert curl

ocotillo and saguaro

ocotillo 1

Bee lantana


Sebastian did drag for the first time last night. We pulled out all the drag pieces from my drag collection and assembled an outfit THEN biked the 16 miles (roundtrip) to the party in the cold desert night! All the women were envious of his petite figure, though all boasted better busts than a pair of socks in a bra…graciously loaned by our housemate Trish.

Sebby drag

Meanwhile Sebastian is studying like crazy for his master’s exams coming up in a week. We steal time away from his studies to bake sweet potato pie and have an occasional martini.sebby reading

November sunsets are extraordinary and the full moon rising at the same time as sunset…makes even a dead tree look great:




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