Posted by: facetothewind | November 23, 2009

Have you seen the Yes Men?

These guys are brilliant hoaxsters with a very important message. (Interestingly, I knew “Andy” when I lived in San Francisco. He attended Patrick and my glittering divorce party in 1993.) He was responsible for adding the notorious “Easter egg” surprise in SimCopter where gay characters appear in bikinis and start making out. Some 78,000 copies of the program were shipped out with the unauthorized content. It was a big deal at the time. He has also been known for re-programming talking Barbies and GI Joe’s into gender-bending conversations and putting them on the store shelves…a shopgifter.

Now he has 2 films out which are just great – turning the WTO and Dow on their sides.

Here’s their website. Check out some of their hijinks:


  1. This.




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