Posted by: facetothewind | November 30, 2009

LA Weekend

Click on screen above to see video of the trip.


Right after Thanksgiving dinner, Sebastian and our friend Michael and I jumped on the overnight train to Los Angeles for a little adventure, culture and respite from the turkey leftover and football with the relatives scene. We walked and took the subway and buses everywhere. Who goes to LA and doesn’t drive? We three. The subway and buses are $1.25. The roundtrip train fare was $74 each. The hotel was $82 each total. That’s a lot of adventure for under $200. Carbon expenditure is negligible with public transit and so it was a guilt free weekend for me. (And of course, taking the TRAIN allows one to bring your hats without fear of them being smashed in cramped overhead compartments.)

Los Angeles is both colorful and bleak, a city that beams its image to the entire planet to hold as an ideal. And then there are the sites you won’t see from the vantage of Hollywood.


The homeless situation is deplorable – undeniably a sign of a fast-crumbling civilization. Michael and I took an early morning walk through the downtown. The homeless rustle in doorways and parks everywhere.


We also did a museum blitz, nailing the MOCA, Geffen Contemporary, and the LACMA in 2 days.

Here’s a composite of my favorite art pieces:

Composite art

Can you name all 3? Watch the video for the answers.

At the LACMA we saw a light sculpture by Chris Burden which makes for great photos b/c of the shadowless multiple light sources…



We also visited the toy district which rolled out its Christmas and chicken stock…


Hey, there’s a special on wise men. Baby Jesus regular price…can you have a special on baby Jesus or is that just too weird even for Catholics?


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