Posted by: facetothewind | January 3, 2010

From Bangkok to Chiang Mai

Spent our last day in Bangkok, wandering the covered markets. Fascinating places. I found that wearing a plumeria flower on my ear made people smile and disarmed them as I photographed them. Here’s the photo of the day.

lady in BKK market

Managed to get some photos before my brand new disk failed – maybe the humidity or the curse of the fire hydrant lady I was photographing. Very frustrating.
BKK market

Took the overnight train from steamy Bangkok to cooler Chiang Mai.
train station

Arrived refreshed and ready for Chiang Mai which seems like a HUGE breath of fresh air after a week in Bangkok with the stifling heat, crowds and air pollution. Chiang Mai is the place where there are probably more foot masseurs than feet.
foot massage

Sebastian and I met with Larry Hermsen and my friend Dianna from Pai for a walk in the Sunday night market. Lots of trinkets and crap and some interesting faces…
man night market

We met with the tailors who are sewing the wardrobe. Pix soon.



  1. Yes, dying to see the clothes! So do post pix when you can.

    Did they virtually strip-search you at the airport? Unbelievable how all the sheeple over here are all in favor of it. Just unreal. Is there nothing these people won’t submit to for a false sense of security??

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