Posted by: facetothewind | January 5, 2010


Spent the day “templing” in Chiang Mai. A thousand chairs wait like tombstones for the funeral of a monk…

Larry, Sebby and I took a stinky diesel songtow to Doi Suthep – one of the great holy shrines of the Buddhism – a glowing, smoky monastery high above Chiang Mai…

Morning at the Trigong guest houses are quiet and cool. Tropical birds break the morning stillness. We went for early morning tea and fruit at the Blue Diamond cafe this morning. Sebastian is loving it here. How wonderful to spend January in shorts and flip flops eating pineapple and dragon fruit. How wonderful for me to be back here with Sebastian and Larry for company.

Tu the tailor sits in her garage waving at her friends passing by with the sound of her old black Singer humming and buzzing as she works day and night during the busy season. The wardrobe is emerging piecemeal. Each day we stop by to check in with Tu and Denar (who are doing the vests). The promise is that some of the pants will be done today, the vests on Friday. The shirts not until we return from Lao. Having your clothes made may seem like an indulgence of the bourgeois kind but consider this: clothes in America don’t fit me, they’re mostly made in sweatshops and are expensive and lacking in imagination. Here, we employ (for considerably less money than off-the-rack clothes in America) a local woman who makes a respectable wage and who sets her own working conditions. And the result is that I get clothes that encourage my own creative process and are more fanciful and fit better than anything I would find in the stores. Besides, who is going to chase you down the street to inquire about your pants from Old Navy?


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