Posted by: facetothewind | April 5, 2010

Awesome Austin

Been doing some time in Austin, visiting my friends Tom & Steve and auditioning it as a place to live. Jean Sward is here as well. Tom and I have known each other for jeez – 17 years! I introduced Tom to Jean about 15 years ago and they’ve become close. Jean comes to Austin to see every show that Tom is in at UT – currently Our Town. He plays the narrator/stage manager role.

Here’s my little video compilation of Austin moments:

But my secret agenda is that I’m checking out Austin because once again, I am feeling the doldrums of Tucson. I’m tired of the abandoned downtown and my lackluster social life. I want to live in a place with more imagination and sparkle and community. Alas, Austin is a boom town and so property values are inflating while Tucson deflates. A high price to pay for imagination. But it might be worth it. If the right opportunity were to come along, I think I’d make the leap.

I know, I know. It’s TEXAS! Horrible state. Horrible. But Austin isn’t really Texas. Austin is liberal, intellectual, playful, with the bible belt tightened around its waste. If I were to live here, I wouldn’t ever venture out of town to experience the reality of the old Republic of Texas…which was a sovereign nation with its own presidents for 9 years. If it were up to Texas, they’d secede from the union. Go ahead, I say, but leave us Austin.

The Pie Queen would of course make living in Texas worth your while. She works out of pink trailer in a trendy neighborhood.

And hey, spinning cupcakes on top of Airstream trailers. Doesn’t get better than that.

Tom taking time out while we go cupcaking…

A tire store trying to Keep Austin Weird…

From the capitol building floor…

Side of a pizza joint…

Here’s Steve with neighbor Granny. (That’s Granny on the left.) Granny likes to have garage sales and bake muffins for her customers. Steve is busy planting seeds and singing songs when he’s not running a public health clinic.

The average age of Austin is 27 which can leave one spellbound. A guy we saw in the park today…

I can’t say I love the architecture of Austin. It’s mostly clapboard houses from the 40s and 50s. To me they seem a little depressing and flimsy. Tucson has the solidity of adobe and brick and slump block. Besides, in Texas, who needs architecture when you have God?


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