Posted by: facetothewind | April 20, 2010

Phone Power – 5 stars!

OK, make note of this RARE occasion that I would ever say something positive about a corporation. But I can’t contain my satisfaction with

They provide what’s called VOIP service. “VOIP” is Voice Over Internet Protocol. For $15/month you get a small device that you plug into your wireless router. It has phone jacks in it and you then plug one of those old-fashioned land line things into it. And voila you have dial tone…a land line with voice mail you can check on line or by phone…or they will even email you your voice mail messages.

OK, that’s not new or interesting – it is what Vonnage does. But when researching which VOIP to take with me to Germany for the summer, I shopped around and found that Vonnage has HORRIBLE customer support. So I looked up the reviews for PhonePower and they had great reviews. I sent them an inquiry email. They called me RIGHT back – within seconds. They referred me to tech support for special questions about international usage. Their tech center is in Los Angeles with native English speakers. That was enough to win me over.

So I ordered the service. The box came in about 3 days. I plugged it in and it didn’t work. So I did an on-line chat with their technicians who called me back within, no kidding, 3 seconds. They took over my computer remotely, did a little something here and there, troubleshot everything, lowered the volume, set up my voice mail, fixed the echo. And now it works flawlessly. The quality of voice is as good as my land lines – in fact better as there’s no crackling in the line. I was even able to choose from a variety of phone numbers in any American area code. And calls from the US to me in Europe will be free both ways.

If you are looking to dump your land line and have wireless, looking for a phone device you can take with you on the road and use wherever there is wireless OR you are just wanting to cut back your HORRIBLY overpriced American cell phone service, get an account with PhonePower. What I’m doing is forwarding my calls to my VOIP when I’m home and thereby use my VOIP so that I can operate with minimal cell service costs.

I just called Verizon and cut my lousy cell service that I pay $70 a month for 900 minutes down to a more basic service. American cell phone companies really need to know that people are fed up with their charges. I pay 25 cents per text message – even if it’s incoming! In Europe and Asia, text messages and all INCOMING calls are free. FREE!


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