Posted by: facetothewind | April 28, 2010

Boycott Arizona

Please join the nation in boycotting Arizona. Even though I’m a resident, I ask my friends not to visit Arizona until the ridiculous immigration law is repealed. Don’t give one dime of your money to this state for passing its horrible immigration law.

Not all people in Arizona are creepy and so as a token of this promise, please enjoy this gift from the desert. The cactus in the Sonoran Desert know nothing of politics and blooming goes on as usual and mostly unnoticed. This morning just before sunrise, I noticed this stunning first bloom from a cactus I rescued from the garbage a couple years ago. It rewarded my rescue of it with the most stunning 1-day bloom that looks like a desert lotus.

In Asia the lotus is a sign of sexual purity and non-attachment. Well, then. Let’s let go of our financial attachments to Arizona.



  1. Beautiful!

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