Posted by: facetothewind | May 25, 2010


Ah Prague. Architectural paradise.

Sebastian and I went to the Czech Republic last weekend. Here’s the video…

Ah Prague. Stag party heaven or hell, depending on which side of the street you’re on….

Dr. Tableta of course is on hand to remedy the hangover…

Prague. Where the Czech people make Germans seem warm and fuzzy; where folks climb hard and move fast. On escalators…

Prague. Where people smoke in restaurants in the non-smoking section and the friendly saints greet you…

Prague. Where they’re working on developing their reality…

In spite of the food, the cigaretty, the annoyed look most Czech people sport all day, and the stag parties, Sebastian and I had a great time wandering the streets looking for an empty smoke-free restaurant that served a vegetable of some sort.

Night time photography is spectacular with the orange glow of street lights on cobblestone and castles reflected in the Moldova River. You just have to dodge the ambulatory drinking parties from Britain and Germany.

One night we got tickets to Dvorak’s Rusallka at the Prague State Opera. Tickets in the 2nd balcony were $20 and we actually had a great view.

Next day we went to a UNESCO World Heritage town called Kutna Hora to see the Bone Church. Approximately 40,000 skeletons hang overhead in a chandelier, coat of arms, urns and other whimsical decorations. It seemed to be both creepy and humorous – especially the angels atop the skulls. You can read about it by clicking the link above or see more of it in the movie at the top of this entry.

Speaking of angels…

But the best part is always the train ride (though this time, we were 50 minutes late, which is virtually unheard of in Germany). Me on the ICE whizzing between Dresden and Leipzig…



  1. Charles Bridge. NOT just for lovers. I have a friend of Russian decent, raised in South America, a cultural double whammy of tragic fatalism and self absorbed drama queen-ish-ness…. Anyhooooo… She once told me if she were ever SERIOUS about committing suicide, she would do it by leaping from the Charles Bridge in Prague…. so “ROMANTIC” she said. Hmmm.

  2. Well, I think a leap from the Charles Bridge would only result in a mussed do as it’s really not very high and I’m sure on warm days drunk men jump it for sport.

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