Posted by: facetothewind | May 29, 2010

Die Sonne at last!

The glorious sun – that ball of bright light I remember from Arizona – finally made an appearance in Leipzig today revealing preternatural shades of green and distinct shadows.

Of course, everyone came out and finally I saw smiles on German faces. Ah, die geliebte son!

I think I can now see Leipzig’s charm…

I had the unique experience today of hearing Bach’s music performed by an American choral group with Bach in the room. Yes, in the room. He lay dead at the front of the church. His 325 year old body is entombed in Thomaskirche. And so his musical genius filled the room and the pipe organ he once played rattled his bones. Yes. You can really see the appeal of the old world when you sit in the Bach’s church with him, when you see the opera house where Mozart premiered Don Giovanni (we saw that in Prague), when you sit in the opera house where Dvorak premiered Rusalka, when you stand on the street outside the windows where Mendelssohn was no doubt resting his eyes while writing the 42nd psalm you sang in chorus the semester you met your boyfriend in America.

For me, this is the charm of the old world: listening for the ghosts. I’m listening!


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