Posted by: facetothewind | June 12, 2010

Around Leipzig

At home with Sebby. We stay up late working and sleep late whenever possible.

Leipzig has more bicycles than cars. And Bach’s face lording over us all during the Bach Fest.

In a place with so little sun, I give Germany a lot of credit for its commitment to being green. Why isn’t every house in the American West similarly outfitted?

This week is the big Bach Fest in Leipzig. Lots of free concerts in front of the Gewandhaus.

Here’s what German travel agents think of the US: Cowboy hats and “Freiheit” (freedom). Well, they got one of those right.



  1. hi davey,

    you have such a good eye for the odd, but recording it in beautiful ways.

    re: dresden, one aspect of reconstructing the city that has been noticed: the neo-nazi movement has begun to use that new city center as a site to whip up a revisionist history of the war: dresden was a victim of the allied forces. and yes, they were a victim, but there was a reason and the conservative parties are using it for political ends now.

    turns out daniel liebeskind has built a new museum to the war industry of dresden. formerly, people thought it was a travesty to bomb dresden which had none. however, liebeskind (and the city of dresden) have shown that there was war armaments being built there.

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