Posted by: facetothewind | June 27, 2010

A day in the Leipzig

Leipzig’s commitment to classical music is astounding. Yesterday I went to the Grassi Museum and enjoyed several concerts on period instruments from their phenomenal collection.

The awards for the most interesting instruments I saw would include the “Serpent” which looks like either an Andy Goldsworthy sculpture or a giant piece of fossilized dinosaur poo and kind of sounds like that…

And here’s what it sounds like playing Amazing Grace (not my video):

The giant contrabass saxophone (myself included for scale):

Here’s what this monster sounds like:

Here’s an old glassharmonika from the late 18th century:

Which sounds like this (not my video):

And this unique Harp Piano aka Klavierharpe. Only 2 remain in the world and one of them is in Leipzig. I couldn’t find a demonstration of it but it supposedly sounds like a cross between a harp and a harpsichord. (If you can find a demo of it on line, please post it to the comments section.)

Then on to the Gewandhaus orchestra in the park…

Here’s my video sampler video of the day:

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