Posted by: facetothewind | July 12, 2010


FYI – all my videos (102 0f them) have been deleted by YouTube/Google for violations of their terms. My videos have been deleted by a vengeful viewer(s) who has gone to my videos and flagged them and they have caused YouTube to delete my account without any recourse from me. Shame on YouTube for this.

Beware that YouTube has begun to have too much power over content offerings.

Other sites to use:

DailyMotion, Bolt and Guba



  1. I cannot imagine why anyone would be so vengeful toward a wonderful, enlightening, and sensitive videographer’s work. It is totally unfair. Shame on YouTube and Google!

  2. Here’s what happened: I made a snarky reply to some woman who saw one of my videos and made a rotten comment on it. So then I noticed it was flagged and deleted immediately. Then one by one my videos were getting flagged and deleted for no apparent reason. I think she may have had multiple accounts and was flagging like mad. YT deletes your entire account after you get 3 videos deleted in 6 months with no debate or personal review. It’s lame and everyone should stop using it.

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