Posted by: facetothewind | July 24, 2010

Don’t fly Ryanair

For MANY reasons, I will never fly Ryanair again. I think they sit around at their corporate headquarters thinking of ways to torture their passengers.

Here are my reasons for not flying Ryanair ever again:
1. The flight wasn’t THAT cheap when you factor in the cost of the airport transfer and the baggage fees.
2. You’re allowed 1 carry on that has to be strictly 10 kilos – no purse, no camera, no food items, no magazine, no laptop. All must go in that one bag.
3. If your bag is overweight, you have to pay €35 per bag each way. They are completely OBSESSED with this. Signs are everywhere and the announcements ceaseless. The charge is €20 per extra kilo!
4. The plane was a half hour late each way — which I hear is nothing compared to the company’s track record for lateness and cancellations
5. The airports are 1.5 hours by bus from the city you want to be in. I spent €50 on bus tickets going and returning from the airport on my trip to Barcelona
6. The lines at the airport are ridiculous. I spent 1 hour in the check-in line and 20 minutes at the passport stamp line
7. The plane was full of flies
8. The landing in Altenberg was so rough that the plane hit the ground and bounced back up. People were screaming, my camera flew off and under someone else’s seat. Liquid came running down the aisle from the back…I don’t know what it was, but I’m sure the flies enjoyed it. I thought we were going to die.
9. The flight attendants try to sell you things the entire flight — from lottery tickets to smokeless cigarettes to perfume and trinkets.
10. They are so stingy that there isn’t even a flight pocket for you to store a magazine and the seats don’t recline.
11. They force you to check in online in advance of your flight and then their computer system doesn’t recognize that you’ve already checked in and they send you a threatening email that if you don’t check in, you will not be able to fly, but if you’ve already checked in, don’t worry. WTF??



  1. You should post this on TRIP ADVISOR website so it’ll be read by many.

    Thanks for the important information.

  2. wow davey, that’s life in barcelona, huh.

  3. I flew with Ryan Air b4, I agree they are “nazi” when it comes to the weight of the luggage & online check-in, but I don’t have flies problem on my flights b4, and they have been punctual when I flew with them.

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