Posted by: facetothewind | July 29, 2010

B is for Best of Germany

So as I get ready to say goodbye to Germany for the summer, I’m thinking about what the best parts of Germany are. Interestingly, they all begin with the letter “B.”

B B B…what begins with B?

Butts. Germany boasts the best bubble butts I’ve seen. Probably because they haven’t yet attained the obesity levels that Americans have, but they’re bringing up the rear — corn syrup is now in all the ice cream and much of their food.

Beer. So many kinds. So fresh and foamy (and often cheaper than water). My own personal favorite is weissbier.

Bread. No question about it: Germans know how to work an oven.

Bahn. The trains really are extraordinary (and expensive).

Boyfriend. Natürlich.



  1. Re: The B’s- And BRATS (bratwürst) literally… and um… figuratively (see butts).

    Home soon?

    Sr. Brad

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