Posted by: facetothewind | August 2, 2010

Paris, at last!

We made it to Paris (both of us for the first time) and I fell in love at first sight! The commitment to beauty at every corner is staggering. And it’s in near-perfect condition. People seem sophisticated, playful and stylistically imaginative. Free toilets and drinking fountains — I’m in heaven. I kick myself for never having lived here. Maybe it’s not too late?

More as the week progresses.

Here’s a little video of the TGV bullet train from Germany to France…



  1. It is indeed one of the most beautiful cities in the world. My heart always beats faster when I’m in Paris. I can actually feel it as I take that first step off the Metro from the airport, onto one of the city streets. It’s magical.

    How long will you be there? So many places to urge you to go, but I’m sure you’ll find them. Just walking, walking, taking it all in — can’t be beat.

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