Posted by: facetothewind | August 3, 2010

Getting an Eiffel of tower

Aren’t you sick of my word play yet?

Treat yourself to a climb of the tower…we made it to the 2nd level. Beyond that you have to stand in a long line and ride an elevator. So we opted to call it a night at mid-tower. Here’s the video…

* * *

We spent the day at the Pompidou which to my taste is an architectural flub. But the beauty is definitely inside. We saw an amazing exhibit called Dreamlands, which provided a cynical and humorous view of “facadism” and phantasmagoria…two problems that plagued the US in the 20th century and are plaguing Dubai in the 21st. They didn’t allow photos…but you can click the link above and have a look at some of the pieces. The best was the robotic American skyscrapers made of cardboard doing aerobics. We also enjoyed the Walt Disney film about EPCOT. Here’s Sebastian in the lower galleries which sometimes delight and sometimes bore…



  1. Don’t miss the cemetery at Montemartre:

  2. Oh, and check out the grave of Victor Noir in Cimetiere du Pere LaChaise … you can kiss his bits, but you won’t be the FIRST.

  3. Oh, and Oscar Wilde, also.

  4. There is a very nice arty area behind the Sacred Heart Church on the hilltop. At the corner, there is a rather nice cafe called De Consulat.

    De Consulat, Paris

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