Posted by: facetothewind | August 22, 2010

Summer stats

Here they are.

Three months of travel in Europe:

Countries visited: 5
Languages attempted: 3
Operas attended: 3
Cathedrals visited: lost count
Masses attended: 3
Museums visited: 18
Times I took photos when I wasn’t allowed: 3
Castles visited: 2
Palaces visited: 7
Gaudí buildings I entered: 0
Funicular rides: 2
Abandoned Funicular factories visited: 1
Time I cheated the fare on a trains/trams: 5
Times I got checked (but not caught): 1
Seats given to elderly on train: 1
Fastest train: TGV @ 200 mph
Days feeling homesick: 3
Times I got lost: 4
Times I ordered steamed mussels: 2
Times I was ripped off or overcharged: 1 (Barcelona)
Smoke-free meals enjoyed in outdoor cafés: 0
Restaurants walked out of for bad service in Germany: 2
Restaurants walked out of for bad service in Spain: 1
Food or water poising: 0
Times I flipped off drivers while cycling: 3
Times I regretted flipping of a driver: 1
Bugs swallowed while cycling in Germany: 7
Flat tires: 0
Times I was stared at by Germans: innumerable
Times I confronted Germans for staring: 2
Total number of smiles returned by Germans: 2
Number of obnoxious American tourists seen: 0 (surprise!)
Times I spotted fireflies: 2
Wild pheasants seen: 3
Wild swans seen: 7
Numbers of Xanax consumed to sleep: approx 15
Water bottles purchased: 5
Highest price paid for a bottle of water: €6 ($8) in Paris
Number of rude Parisians encountered in 10 days: 1
Water fountains found in Germany: 1 (Dresden)
Total minutes of train delays in Germany: 110
Number of circumcised men spotted on beach in Spain in a week: 4
Number of circumcised men spotted on beach in Germany over summer: 0
Bad breads eaten in Germany: 0
Bad breads eaten in Spain: 2
Stunning meals served in Germany: 0
Stunning meals served in Spain: 5
Stunning meals served in France: 0
Number of bratwurst eaten: 0
American chain restaurants patronized: 2 (Subway 3 times, Starbucks once)
Percentage of my friends who moved away from Tucson over the summer: 60%

• Favorite song choice of street accordion players: “How We Danced on the Night We Were Wed”
• Favorite German chain restaurant: Vapiano
• Items lost over summer: iPod, house key
• Favorite flavor of ice cream: Heidelbeere (blueberry)
• Stupidest person award: man smoking at scene of car accident with fuel spill in Düsseldorf
• Funniest moment: Sitting at a restaurant overlooking Lake Kulkwitz at sunset, a woman laughed and farted really loudly at the same time. Then her friends all started laughing and saying, “You nearly broke the chair with that one.” The whole restaurant began laughing.


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