Posted by: facetothewind | November 6, 2010

There is hope for humanity!

Amid the gloom of my heart and the tiring American political scene, at last there is hope…Pee Wee Herman has come back from obscurity to star in his own show on Broadway. I cannot tell you how much joy and hope this brings me. I bought my first TV in 1986 just so I could watch Pee Wee prancing around in his little suit having hoodwinked CBS into thinking they were airing a children’s show on Saturday mornings. Heh heh. I know you are but what am I? And then my heart sank into cynicism when his show ended and he was arrested not far from my hometown for indecent exposure in an adult cinema. Hello, what do people think goes on in adult cinema?

Poor Pee Wee was cast aside and banished from the public view for doing something that most men have done at some point. But sigh no more, yee of Pee Wee…or boy in a suit is back and I for one am thrilled.

Click here to see the NYT article about Pee Wee’s new show.


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